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The real Pearl necklace

Jenny was a bright-eyed, pretty five-year-old girl. 
One day when she and her mother were checking 
out at the grocery store, Jenny saw a plastic pearl 
necklace priced at $2.50. How she wanted that necklace, 

and when she asked her mother if she would buy it for her, 
her mother said, “Well, it is a pretty necklace, 
but it costs an awful lot of money. I’ll tell you what. 
I’ll buy you the necklace, and when we get home we 
can make up a list of chore that you can do to pay 
for the necklace. And don’t forget that for your birthday 
Grandma just might give you a whole dollar bill, too. 
Okay?” Jenny agreed, and her mother bought the 
pearl necklace for her. Jenny worked on her chores 
hard every day, 

and sure enough, her grandma gave her a brand new 
dollar bill for her birthday. Soon Jenny had paid off 
the pearls. How Jenny loved those pearls. She 
wore them everywhere. The only time she didn’t 
wear them was in the shower; her mother had 
told her that they would turn her neck green. 

Now Jenny had …