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A Bowl of Noodles

A  bowl of noodles

That Night Sue quarrelled with her mother, then
stormed out of the house. While en route, she
remembered that she did not have any money in her
pocket, she did not even have enough coins to make
a phone call home.
At the same time, she went through a noodle shop,
picking up sweet fragrance, she suddenly felt very
hungry. She wished for a bowl of noodles, but she
had no money!
The seller saw her standing as she faltered before the
counter and asked: “Hey little girl, you want to eat a
bowl?” “Yes, but … but I do not carry money …” she
shyly replied.

“Okay, I’ll treat you,” the seller said, “Come in, I will
cook you a bowl.”
A few minutes later the owner brought her a steaming
bowl of noodles. Eating the delicious noodles, Sue
“What is it?” he asked.
“Nothing. I am just touched by your kindness!” Sue
said as she wiped her tears. “Even a stranger on the
street gives me a bowl of noodles, and my mother,
after a quarrel, chased me out of the house. She is
The seller sighed: “Girl,…