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the power of determination

THE country schoolhouse was heated by an old- 
fashioned coal stove. An eight-year-old boy had 
the job of coming to school early each day to start 
the fire and warm the room before everybody arrived. 

One morning they arrived to find the schoolhouse in flames. 
They dragged the unconscious boy out of the flaming building. 
He had major burns over the lower half of his body and was 
taken to a nearby hospital. From his bed the dreadfully burned, 
semi-conscious boy faintly heard the doctor talking to his 
mother that her son would surely die – which was for the best, really – 
for the fire had devastated the lower half of his body. 

But the brave boy made up his mind that he would survive. 
Somehow, to the amazement of doctors, he did survive. 
Again the doctor told his mother that since the fire had
almost destroyed the lower part of his body, he was doomed to 
be a lifetime cripple with no use at all of his lower limbs. 

Once more the brave boy made up his mind that he would walk. 
But unfortunatel…