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Pool full of Crocodile and a Push

A man had one very beautiful daughter.
When the daughter was ready for marriage, 
the father sent news around town that all the 
eligible young men should come to compete in a test
which would determine who was fit to marry his daughter.
On that day, all was set, all the able-bodied young 
men came out. Some came with paper and biro and 
others with cutlasses and swords.

The rich man took them to his
swimming pool and addressed the men: 
“Any of you who can swim from one end 
of this swimming pool to the other would marry my daughter.
In addition, I‘ll give him 15million dollars, a car and a house 
so they can start life well. I shall be waiting to meet my 
son-in-law at the other end. Good luck!”

As the young men, all very excited at the prospect 
of winning, started taking off their shirts, a helicopter 
came over the pool and dropped alligators and 
crocodiles into the pool. Immediately, all the men 
turned back and started wearing their shirts again. 
Disappointed, some of them said, ''That&#…