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The grass cutting days

The Pastor called me to come forward. I walked to the pulpit. I looked out at my family. Their faces still damp with tears. Then I gazed down at the shiny black coffin. My father, Charlie Lyons, was gone. It was my turn to pay tribute to the man who taught me so much growing up on the Northside. How do you sum up a lifetime in 10 minutes? Then, I started talking about a special moment. 

Dad was always full of advice, but one of the biggest lessons he taught me one summer was about having a strong work ethic. When my brother and I were growing up, we mowed yards during the summer to earn pocket money. Dad was our salesman. He pitched our service to neighbors and offered a price they could not refuse. My brother and I got $10 per yard. Some yards were a half-acre. I later found out our friends were charging $20 or more for the same amount of work. 
Every time we headed out to mow lawns, Dad was there to watch. I used to wonder why he came with us. He stood supervising our work in the stic…