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the hotle clerk

One stormy night many years ago, an elderly man and his wife entered the lobby of a small hotel in Philadelphia, USA. Trying to get out of the rain, the couple approached the front desk hoping to get some shelter for the night. Could you possibly give us a room here?” the husband asked. The hotel clerk, a friendly man with a winning smile, looked at the couple with compassion and explained that there were three conventions going on in town. “All of our rooms are taken,” the clerk said. Seeing their predicament, the courteous clerk made a gracious offer to couple. “But I can’t send a nice couple like you out into the rain at one o’clock in the morning.

Would you perhaps be willing to sleep in my room? It’s not exactly a suite, but it will be good enough to make you folks comfortable for the night.” The couple declined saying it would cause inconvenience to him, but the young man pressed on. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll make out just fine,” the clerk told them. So the couple agreed. As he…