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The Worth

A clever lesson in Self worth. Teacher: Who would like this 500 note? Each and every student raised their hands.

Teacher: Okay, I will give this to one of you but, 
first let me crush this note. Teacher: And now, who still wants it?

Now again, students raised their hands. Teacher: What if I crush this under my shoe?
Teacher: Now who wants it?

Again, students raised their hands. Teacher: My dear students, I have just showed 
you a very important lesson. No matter 
what I did with this money, you still wanted it 
because it never lost its worth. It's still a ₹500 note.

Well, there are many times in our lives when we 
feel like life has crumpled us up and grounded 
us into the dirt. We make some bad decisions or
we have to deal with some poor circumstances 
and sometimes our lives can make us feel worthless
but no matter what has happened or what will happen,
never lose your worth