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You were not there

Once upon a time in a small village lived two brothers. The younger one was seven years old and the elder one was nine. The kids used to spend most of their time playing with each other in the forest. One such evening while playing hide and seek, the elder brother ventured into the dark forest. His brother tried finding him everywhere but he could not. 
Afraid and reluctant, he eventually entered the forest to look for his brother. After many hours of ordeal, he finally spotted his elder brother trapped in a deep dry well screaming for help. The kid looked around to seek help from someone but there was no sign of any human in the vicinity. They were all alone there! Alarmed, he ran to the well where his brother was trapped to help him out. By now both of them had realized that they were completely on their own. 
The younger brother started looking around the well and found a piece of worn out rope. Without wasting another minute, he quickly dropped the rope inside the well and asked his …