Somebody’s children

        Somebody’s children

John and Mary had a nice home and two lovely
children, a boy and a girl. John had a good job
and had just been asked to go on a business
trip to another city and would be gone for several
days. It was decided that Mary would go
along too. 

They hired a reliable woman to care
for the children and made the trip, returning
home a little earlier than they had planned. 
As they drove home, they noticed smoke, 
and they went off their usual route to see what it
was. They found a home in flames.
 Mary said,

"Oh well it isn't our fire, let's go home." 
But John drove closer and exclaimed, "That
home belongs to Fred Jones who works at the
plant. He wouldn't be off work yet, maybe
there is something we could do." "You have
your good clothes on lets not get any closer,”
said Mary.
But John drove up and stopped and they were

both horror stricken to see the whole house in
flames. A woman on the lawn was in hysterics
screaming, "The children! Get the children!"
John grabbed her by the shoulder saying, "Tell
us where the children are!" "In the basement,"
sobbed the woman, "down the hall and
to the left." 
In spite of Mary's protests John grabbed the
water hose and soaked his clothes, put his wet 
handkerchief on his head and bolted for the
basement which was full of smoke and scorching hot.

He found the door and grabbed two
children, holding one under each arm like the
football player he was. As he left he could hear
some more whimpering. He delivered the two
badly frightened and nearly suffocated children
into waiting arms and filled his lungs with fresh
air and started back asking how many more
children were down there. They told him two
more and Mary grabbed his arm and screamed,
"John! Don't go back! It's suicide! That house
will cave in any second!" 

But he shook her off and went back by feeling
his way down the smoke filled hallway and into
the room. It seemed an eternity before he
found both children and started back. They
were all three coughing and he stooped low to
get what available air he could. As he stumbled
up the endless steps the thought went through
his mind that there was something strangely
familiar about the little bodies clinging to him,
and at last when they came out into the sunlight
 and fresh air, he found that he had just
rescued his own children. 
The baby-sitter had left them at this home while
she did some shopping. 
                                      - Author Unknown

So Don't be a Selfish, your interest can be hidden within the other's interest