Deaf Kangaroo

A group of Kangaroos were travelling through the woods. Two Kangaroo fell into a deep pit. The other Kangaroos gathered around the hall and after seeing the depth, they said, “Nothing can be done, you are good as dead.”

Both the kangaroos ignored the comments and they kept jumping. The other kangaroos kept repeating they are good as dead, finally one of the two kangaroo gave up and died. The other kangaroo still tried. Once again, the other kangaroos yelled at them, you are good as dead. 

The kangaroo jumped harder and finally made it out. Seeing this, the kangaroos were is shock and they asked, Did you not hear us? She did not speak and later thanked them to motivate her. She explained she was deaf and thought they all were motivating her to come out.
Become deaf! Become Blind! for the people who are around to depress you. Take it positively and work harder to achieve your aim. The same people will follow you when you are at the pinnacle.
The power lies within! Explore it! Wake up and push yourself! Go work harder!