I left her, Did you?

There were two monks.They were travelling across countries to gain knowledge.
On their way, there was a river with no bridge. They have to cross the river through walk.

So they have decided to walk across the river. At the same time, there was a young beautiful lady at the river side who also needed to cross the river. She asked for help to the monks. So the elder one between the two, carried her on his back and helped her cross the river.

The girl thanked the monk and left. The monks walked a mile in silence and the younger monk told the elder “A monk should not behave like this. He won't hold a girl like you.” The Elder monk said, “I have dropped the girl a mile away. But you are holding her still”.

This is the saddest truth in our life. We are not utilizing the present moment. We used to carry around past hurts, holding onto resentments ruining the precious life given by god.