The Fool Kid

I read this story somewhere, which portrays 
an excellent example for presence of mind.
There was a barber shop in a locality. 
The barber’s neighbor had a son who was 
8 years old. He would frequently enter the barber 
shop for no reason.

The barber would take two one rupee coins in 
left hand and one five rupee coin in the right hand, 
and ask the child, which one you want. 
The boy would choose the hand with two one rupee 
coins, and move away happily with those two coins.

The customers in the shop would laugh at the foolishness 
of the child. The barber would laugh sadistically 
with a satisfaction on fooling the kid.
The barber did this daily. Every time the child 
chose the smaller value and got laughed at.

The kid's mother got the news from neighbors 
about how her son was fooled everyday. 
Mother felt bad that her son was made fun of everyday.
She called her son and asked, ‘Don't you know that 
the value of two one rupee coin is lesser than one five 
rupee coin? Weren't you taught in your school?’

The kid replied, ‘Mom, the day I choose the five 
rupee coin, the game is over.’
I will no longer be getting money each and every time i
enter the shop.