What Should He Do

In a forest, a pregnant deer is about to give birth.
She finds a remote grass field near a strong-
flowing river. This seems a safe place.
Suddenly labour pains begin.
At the same moment, dark clouds gather 
around above 

& lightning starts a forest fire.
She looks to her left & sees a hunter with his 
bow extended pointing at her.
To her right, she spots a hungry lion approaching her.

What can the pregnant deer do?
She is in labour!
What will happen?
Will the deer survive?
Will she give birth to a fawn?
Will the fawn survive?
Or will everything be burnt by the forest fire?

Will she perish to the hunters’ arrow?
Will she die a horrible death at the hands 
of the hungry lion approaching her?
She is constrained by the fire on the one side 
& the flowing river on the other & boxed in by 
her natural predators.
What does she do?
She focuses on giving birth to a new life.

The sequence of events that follows are:
- Lightning strikes & blinds the hunter.
- He releases the arrow which zips past the 
deer & strikes the hungry lion.

- It starts to rain heavily, & the forest fire is 
slowly doused by the rain.
- The deer gives birth to a healthy fawn.
In our life / business too, there are moments 
of choice when we are confronted on ╬▒ll sides 
with negative thoughts and possibilities.

Some thoughts are so powerful that they 
overcome us & overwhelm us.
Maybe we can learn from the deer.
The priority of the deer, in that given moment, 
was simply to give birth to a baby.
The rest was not in her hands & any action 
or reaction that changed her focus would have 
likely resulted in death or disaster.
Ask yourself,
Where is your focus?
Focus should always remain on faith and hope